ARM的三大家族阶级成分和相应的富(穷)N代 分类。

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“ARM的三大家族阶级成分和相应的富(穷)N代 分类。”有4个回复

  1. tek-life 于 2011-12-03 8:26 下午


  2. 越来越牛 于 2011-12-03 10:25 下午

    讲的是挺好。不过,Once upon a time there’re so many CPU brands and systems for PCs during 1985-1995; 8088,80286,386,486.Pentium,I,II, III, …prior to the unification by Intel & AMD. Same story in the car manufacturers among US, Japan, and Europe(German, Italy, France, Scandinavia, and UK). At the end not so many brands to the date.
    So in future there’ll just some kind of “very low power processor but for high performance with unique purpose” What’s the name…. “Just-Who-Cares” JWC not ARM.

  3. Leisure 于 2011-12-12 5:43 上午


  4. lit 于 2011-12-13 11:15 下午