谷歌 I/O 2013 Preview

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  1. starshine 于 2013-05-14 11:15 下午


  2. laotuinbay 于 2013-05-15 7:32 下午

    Here are highlights.
    Google Studio is cool.
    Among the highlights:
    Google Plus The company redesigned its social network with an impressive set of automated filters and hashtags . Google said it was adding 41 new features and menus that slide in and out, along with a share-box that moves from left to center, and posts (cards) that flip. You can now click Google+ cards to see related ones. The crowd seemed especially impressed by the Knowledge Graph feature that lets people click through automatically discovered related photos. Hangouts will also be a standalone app. On the numbers front — always a background topic of conversation given the competition with Facebook — Google+ now has 190 million monthly active users, with about 390 million total users when including people brought in from other Google services like Gmail.
    Google Maps Apple never lets on whether it’s worried about a competitor. When it comes to mapping software, it better be. More than a billion people now use Google Maps, which is getting a revamp complete with a new interface, 3D, and social search. (On a related note, more than 1 million Web sites are using Google Maps.) Pins are going away, with map information about the venues themselves being surfaced in their place. Also, a new feature that should warm the cockles of anyone who drives in congested areas: Google Maps will feature live incident reports and crunch the traffic data to reroute users to reach their destinations faster.
    Google Play There are now 48 billion app installations on Google Play, which is getting a new look that Google execs say will help people find apps more easily. The platform is also getting updated with new APIs for game services, that, among other things, will let users invite friends — or connect with other challengers. The service will let you save games across the cloud so you can finish on one device and then pick up later on another device, thus eliminating any need to start over.
    Google Play Music All Access As expected, Google is stepping up its competition with music streaming companies. As our CNET colleague Jessica Dolcourt astutely pointed out, Google is taking on apps that heavily contributed to the success of Android’s app store. For $10 a month, All Access will feature music you’ve chosen as well as titles it thinks you’ll like. If you start by June 30, you get it for $8 a month, $2 less than what Pandora charges.
    Google Cloud Messaging Google said approximately 200,000 GSM push messages are being sent per second, or more than 1 billion per day.
    Google Chrome A year ago, Google announced 450 million monthly active users. The new number: 750 million monthly active users — and counting. Google also talked up the product’s rendering capabilities as well as new developer tools meant to result in faster downloads. Pichai also noted that the $249 Samsung Chromebook has been No. 1 on Amazon’s laptop section for 180 consecutive days.
    Android Activity recognition will help people understand whether someone is driving a car, riding a bike, or walking. The OS will also get updated with cross-platform single sign-ons, which will let people get into several services with their Google log-on info. (Facebook already does this.)
    Google Search Voice recognition and natural language understanding are coming to desktops via Chrome.
    Google Now Seriously beefed-up personal assistant features for Google Now. Voice search will be available on the desktop via Chrome and the Chrome OS. Also, Google Now gets new cards for public transit commute times and for movies, TV shows, and video games.
    Android Studio A host of developer tools elicited warm applause from the audience as Google detailed a checklist of new features. Again, the idea is to make the process of app development faster and easier (spot a theme here?). Among other features that Google is adding, developers will now be able to edit layouts and compare how they’ll appear across different devices and in different languages.

  3. laotuinbay 于 2013-05-16 10:47 下午

    Day 2 highlights

    Google I/O has kicked off for the second and final day with another Keynote and today was all about Chrome.


    160,000,000 Chrome users
    Speech recognition built straight into Chrome
    Performance improvements are the main focus
    GPU acceleration for more elements, such as Canvas2D and WebGL, 10x performance increase in certain situations
    Chrome Web store

    Launched 3 months ago
    17 million apps installed
    Now Available in 41 different languages to all Chrome users
    Focus for developers to monetise apps,
    In-app payments, one-click solutions
    Developers keep 95% of payments, flat-rate 5% fee for Google
    Angry Birds coming to Web store – can be played offline thanks to local storage, contains exclusive levels and will use in-app purchases to buy the “mighty eagle”. Available when Keynote ends (i.e. Now!).
    “Dream Realities” open source project demonstrates impressively what the latest web technologies can do – full 3D, interactive music video
    Chrome OS

    “Nothing but the web” – remove reliance on legacy things like BIOS, updates, antivirus, etc.
    Notebooks with Chrome OS is a “Chromebook”, according to Google
    New Media capabilities – audio and video players, compliments new Google Music and Movie rental services, as well as services like Netflix and Pandora
    Web apps can integrate themselves into Chrome OS as file handlers, i.e. Picasa can be used to share photographs just by selecting them
    Focus is on getting your offline files into the cloud
    Applications, such as Gmail, have also been updated to work offline
    Working with Samsung, Acer, Intel, Verizon and various international carriers to bring Chromebooks to the market
    Chromebooks from Samsung ($429 for Wifi, $499 for 3G) and Acer ($349) coming June 15 via Amazon and Best Buy, to several countries worldwide
    Citrix and VMware will be fully supported
    Have been pilot tested in hundreds of companies
    Chromebooks will be available for businesses
    Software/Hardware as a service – full support, warranty, replacements, etc.
    Automatically get upgraded to latest hardware as it is available at no extra cost
    $28 per user
    Chrome “box” will be available as well – works like a thin client PC, allowing you to use large monitors and standard keyboard/mice
    Chromebooks will be available for schools and governments, same benefits as business but $20 per user
    Available June 15
    And guess what, everyone attending will get a free Chromebook when they’re available.

  4. laotuinbay 于 2013-05-20 12:20 上午

    Yahoo buys Tumblr to court younger crowd

  5. kevint 于 2013-05-20 9:43 上午

    yahoo ms这样的企业现在是买什么毁什么

  6. laotuinbay 于 2013-05-28 10:43 下午